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The Man Behind

Sd. Dilvinder Singh Narang
26 June 1956 – 11 August 2012

Founder of Ayur Herbals, Late Dilvinder Singh Narang, has aided the company with nourishment on each step because of which, today the company has become a success story. Without the constant perseverance, uptake of knowledge and the will power of Late Mr. Dilvinder Singh (Ayur) the company would not have reached its current position. It is a disheartening story of how, In 2012, he left us all with only sweet and loving memories. The world not only remembers him today because of Ayur Herbals, but also because of his humanitarian deeds. He was a blessing to each person who ever crossed his life.

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Angad Narang

Angad Narang, Son of Late Dilvinder Singh, has since then been determined to take the legacy forward. After years of fruitful experiences, he now stands confident on his position, leading the company to achieve greater heights.

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